Increase the Value of your Mechanicsville Home with New Siding

New siding might be the most valuable update you can make to your Mechanicsville home. From aesthetics to energy-efficient savings and long-lasting durability, new siding has a lot to offer your home. And a quality remodeler like Classic Construction can provide exceptional siding installation that it done right the first time!

We have 20 years of industry experience and an A+ BBB rating to demonstrate our commitment to quality remodeling projects. From your custom project consultation to the final clean-up, our team will be there to provide attentive and respectful customer service.

Update your Virginia Home with Help from Premium Siding Installers

There are many options to protect your home from the weather extremes across the eastern US. Our team of experienced siding contactors can help you choose the right products to fit your style and budget. Choose from materials like:

We partner with industry-leading siding manufacturers to provide the very best quality in materials. Whatever type of siding you choose; you can rest assured that all our products are engineered with similar energy-efficient performance and color selections.

Award-Winning Mechanicsville Siding Installation Company

Your siding has a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your Mechanicsville home. Old aluminum siding requires painting, looks dated, and is far from energy efficient. If you live in an older home, our siding installers can help you restore its former beauty.

Since 2001, Classic Construction has been a leading provider of exterior remodeling in Virginia. Dozens of Mechanicsville homeowners have updated their homes inside and out with our expert remodeling services and impeccable quality.

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With many styles and colors to choose from, it’s time to invest in an update your home could really use. Siding is one remodel that gives back in many ways. You’ll increase the value of your home, easily catch the eye of potential buyers, or see measurable energy savings month after month. Whatever your priorities are, we can help! Our team can provide a variety of exterior remodeling needs like siding, windows, doors, kitchens, bathrooms, and additions. Call today to schedule your custom consultation.