Richmond Conservatories

Looking to add additional elegance to your home and flood your rooms with light? Classic Construction offers high-quality glass-roof conservatories with traditional European design that are completely manufactured in the United States. Unlike most kits that are imported from England, ours need to pass more stringent North American Building codes, making them more durable and energy efficient. Regardless of your reasoning for installing a new conservatory – whether you want a relaxing space to enjoy the beauty of nature or a naturally-lit entertaining space to enjoy with guests – we’ll complete your project with unparalleled efficiency, leaving your family with an addition that will bring them a lifetime of happiness.

Conservatory and Solarium Styles

As a leading dealer of LivingSpace Sunrooms in Richmond, we offer a wide variety of conservatory styles with the rich elegance and modern convenience that is unsurpassed. We are focused on your complete satisfaction, and our team works with you on the selection of your conservatory style and features to make it fit seamlessly with your home and your lifestyle. Here are some of the conservatory design styles we offer:

  • Edwardian Conservatory: Looking to add a touch of grandeur to your home as well as a bright living space? An Edwardian conservatory might be your perfect solution.
  • Victorian Conservatory: This octagonal, spacious design blends seamlessly into any space and works well as a home addition or free-standing solarium.
  • Cathedral Conservatory: With a dramatic front elevation and large, clean interior space, this gorgeous design makes for a great playroom or art studio.
  • Studio Conservatory: This versatile design is elegant in its simplicity and ability to complement the style of virtually any home.
  • Hip Studio Conservatory: A modernized version of the studio conservatory, this design features an Edwardian-like front and generous floor space.
  • Bespoke Conservatory: A custom design meant to accommodate obscure floor spaces.
  • European Skylight Conservatory: This style adds light, height and presence to the structure of your home.

Because our conservatories are not pre-fab products, we offer the ability to do much more than offer custom add-ons for your conservatory. Our team can work with you to create a custom designed conservatory that integrates your unique style or begin with a standard design and make it unique with a plethora of customization options.

Features and Benefits of your Glass Room

Our conservatories are built with only the finest materials provided by our partners at Living Space Sunrooms. From Celsius glass that delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility to energy-efficient vinyl and wood window frames, we have everything needed to craft you a high-performance addition. When building a conservatory with us, you’ll benefit from a beautiful, naturally-lit space that remains at a comfortable temperature regardless of how nasty it is outside. You and your family will be able to restore your connection with nature from the comfort of your home at all times.

Conservatory Design and Construction

We’ll start by providing you with a design consultation where you’ll be able to inform us of your exact specifications. From there, we’ll use CAD software to draft a 3D blueprint of your project, giving you a 360-degree view of how it will look after construction.

Your new conservatory will be designed and fabricated to match your home’s design, fitting in with the structure of your house and incorporating the features and materials that make it uniquely yours.

Schedule A Consultation

Are you interested in installing a glass-roof conservatory? Contact Classic Construction today to learn more about our offerings. Give us a call or fill out our online form to schedule your custom conservatory design consultation!