3 Features You Will Love In Your Sunroom

Are you like so many others in wanting to expand your home, but create a space that features the best of both outdoor living and indoor space?


A great solution that features the best of outdoor living and indoor space is the sunroom.

When designed and built correctly, you will find that the sun room can be a top choice for your family and friends to gather, hang out, have fun and make great memories.

Here are 3 features that you will want to include in your sun room addition at your home:

1.  Cathedral ceiling – The high ceiling makes your Richmond sunroom awesome!  Especially when you install skylights to make the space pop with natural light or star gaze in the night hours.  The cathedral ceiling also makes the whole room look, feel and seem big.
2.  Windows – Don’t you love natural light?  To compliment the skylights in your cathedral ceilings you will love having brand new windows.  The really good news on windows is that today’s technology makes them very energy efficient for your sun room with low-e and argon gas features on the thick thermal glass.  With the right sun room design you can absolutely maximize the gorgeous effect of windows in your sun room.

3.  Lighting & Electrical – Be sure to install strategically placed outlets so you have the option to hang trendy lights or use a TV in your sun room.  You may want internet connections along with your cable connections.  Additionally you will certainly want a beautiful new ceiling fan to create nice air flow in your new space.  There are a lot of really great ceiling fan designs that work perfectly in sun rooms.

What key elements of sun rooms are important to you?

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Author: Classic Construction

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