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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling for Function and Beauty

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Whether you’re installing a brand-new bathroom or remodeling a kitchen, home improvement projects can be a wonderful way to enhance the value of your property while making your home more beautiful and desirable for you to live in.

However, there is more to a home remodeling project than just a new coat of paint, new cabinets, or a new shower. After all, even the most beautiful designs are worthless if the
remodel leaves your kitchen or bathroom non-functional. The trick is to blend aesthetics with functionality to really benefit from a home renovation, which is why it’s so important to hire a serious, professional contractor that can successfully improve your home and raise its value.

Two of the most popular home renovations are kitchen and bath remodels. In this article, our
expert team of kitchen and bath contractors from Classic Construction will cover the
basics of these two home improvement projects, and how you can enhance your home with innovative new features that match your ideal aesthetic and improve functionality.

Functionality Meets Beauty

One of the most important rooms of the home is the kitchen. It’s where the food is made, and is also quite the social gathering spot within the home. At the same time, the bathroom is another important spot in the house, and like the kitchen, can quickly begin to deteriorate with the constant and heavy use it sees on a daily basis.

As we mentioned earlier, outdated kitchens and deteriorating bathrooms are two of the most
common home renovation projects—and also some of the most effective transformations you can make to improve your property. Here are some of the ways that our team of kitchen
and bath remodelers at Classic Construction can help you transform your home with a renovation:

  • Cosmetic Improvements: Maybe you love the layout of your
    kitchen or bathroom, but would like to update older or outdated features
    and products with newer ones. That’s where we come in. We can replace your
    old cabinetry, flooring, and countertops, and everything else with
    innovative, energy-saving products. Whatever changes you want to make are
    fully handled by our design team. For bathrooms, making a few simple
    replacements here and there can rejuvenate the entire space. For a simpler
    update, consider new vanities, bath or shower wall surrounds, and replacement
    shower enclosures to really enhance your bathrooms appearance.
  • Full Renovations: Perhaps you need a different layout
    for your kitchen or bathroom to maximize your existing space or to take
    advantage of strategic views from a closed wall. With a full renovation, we
    can make sure that your home’s kitchen and bathroom areas are converted
    into architectural masterpieces. With the help of one of our experienced
    and highly qualified design specialists, we can make sure your renovation
    results are both beautiful and functional.
  • Extensions: Kitchen and bathroom
    extensions are unique projects in that the focus of the remodel is to
    maximize space. Small kitchens and bathrooms aren’t just unsightly,
    they’re simply not functional—especially for those that have big or
    growing families, or that like to entertain. A kitchen or bathroom
    extension can enhance the functionality and beauty of your spaces, while
    significantly adding to the value of your home.

A better use of space, improved traffic flow, and enjoyable appearance are the hallmarks of a
successful kitchen and bathroom home improvement project. With Classic Construction, your remodeling dreams are handled with innovation and expertise.

Beautifully Functional With Classic Construction

It’s no secret that improvements for kitchens and baths, city and country-wide, are
some of the most important rooms in the home. That’s why when compared with many other remodeling projects, kitchen and bath upgrades offer the best returns on your investment. If you’re ready to get started improving your home with a spectacular new kitchen or bathroom, Classic Construction is ready to help.

In addition to our kitchen and bathroom remodel city services, we also handle other projects like window replacements and new home additions, exterior remodeling, and more. At
Classic Construction, you can relax knowing that our team of experts has your improvements covered with high-quality products and expert installation services, no matter what it is you’re hoping to improve.

Ready to begin with your kitchen and bath remodelers? Give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional kitchen and bath city, street address remodeling services or fill out our online form to schedule your free quote.

Why You Should Plan Your Home Remodel During Winter

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While winter isn’t usually thought of as an ideal time for home remodeling, the truth is that a winter renovation can be one of the best seasons of the year for home improvement for a number of reasons. Not only are contractor’s rates on installations and materials certain to be lower during the low season for remodeling, but companies are also more likely to have more time to focus on completing your projects on time and with better concentration.

If you’re thinking of improving your home this season, take a look at some of the best winter remodeling projects we’re known for at Classic Constructions, your trusted Richmond remodeling company. Whether you’re thinking of an entire home overhaul or simply improving a certain room of the house, here are some of the amazing ways to improve your home over the holidays this season. 

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in any home—especially when it comes time to sell your house, according to real estate agents. You can hire a Richmond kitchen remodeling
company to replace your kitchen’s cabinetry, flooring, countertops, or other features that can give your space a cosmetic upgrade. 

Whether you want to use luxurious materials such as marble and granite or simpler ones such as wood, vinyl, or fiberglass for accents, reliable remodelers can customize their services according to your needs and preferences. When you choose the right contractor for the job, these experts can help you combine aesthetic and functional elements to transform your kitchen into a more efficient, gorgeous, and useable space.

Bathroom Remodeling

Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom is another room that homeowners regard as highly important. Nothing is better than relaxing with a long, hot bath or a steamy shower in a beautiful bathroom space after a long, exhausting day. 

If you want to transform your bathroom into a more modern and functional space, you can hire professionals who provide unsurpassed service for bathroom remodeling in Richmond VA – full renovations including design expertise for selection of your vanities, flooring, countertops, and other necessary fixtures.

When planning a bathroom remodel, you can ask the contractor to design for you, or you can also research for inspirations and come up with your own. The experts can then provide recommendations and work from your draft layout to improve it.

Home Additions

If you feel that your home doesn’t have enough space, you can go for home
to extend your living area. Some of the options that you can choose from include:

  • Bump-Out Additions: Expand your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room in your house through this service.
  • Second-Story Addition: As the name suggests, this will give you the ability to double the size of your home within the current footprint.
  • Two-Story Extensions: If your home is already two-story and you want to extend the living space on the first and second floors, this is the right solution for you.
  • Sunroom Addition: Sunrooms allow you to enjoy the outdoor view while still keeping your family protected against outside elements. 

Planning Your Post-Holiday Winter Remodel

Spring is one of the most popular times of the year for home renovations. Schedule a consultation now to get a jump on the upcoming post-holiday to remodel before you hit the busy season. If you wait until spring, reliable companies that offer remodeling Richmond VA are most likely booked weeks for construction, and you might find it more difficult to schedule the project as soon as you may prefer. 

If you are looking for exceptional Richmond remodeling companies that service your area, Classic Construction is ready to help you improve your home the way you want. With its team of experienced and certified professionals, top quality products and materials, and reasonable rates, we can custom create the perfect bathroom space that’s right for your needs. 

For more information on our services or about winter remodeling, get in touch with us today. Give us a call to speak with an agent now or fill out this online form to get a free in-home estimate for your project today.

Holiday Home Remodeling Planning

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It may seem a little strange to start planning for a big home improvement project now, before and during the busy holiday season – but this is the best time to get started.

All too often homeowners come to our company expecting to be able to start remodeling their home that week. Yet, this frequently isn’t the case for any quality remodeling company.

While the team at Classic Construction is fast and efficient, we often have to schedule home renovations months ahead of time. This is especially true for our busy season, which is in the Spring and early Fall.

We find that most homeowners want to get their remodeling projects wrapped up before the holidays, but this can put a lot of stress on you and cause delays in construction due to the time crunch.

When Is the Best Time for Kitchen Remodeling in Richmond, VA?

If you want to get your kitchen remodeling project started immediately, the holiday season could be a great time for your remodel. But if the holidays are too busy or your kitchen is too essential this time of year, then be sure to think about your needs as you entertain and visit friends and family. Their kitchens designs and how you navigate your space (or how it could flow better) are great for inspiration.

Often, the best time to schedule your local Richmond kitchen remodeling project or home extension is the end of winter. By then most of the major holidays have already passed and it’s not the busy time of year for contractors – not just yet, but very soon.

When Is the Best Time for Your Home Addition Project?

The exact scheduling of your project will also depend on what kind of work it involves. We can get started on interior work during the winter months, such as a kitchen remodel, bath renovation, or even window installation. However, it is better to wait until more consistent warmer days before working on exterior renovations and home additions, which may be better suited for early spring.

However, the advantage of meeting with our consultants in the fall and early winter to plan your renovations and select materials is that we will be ready and you will be first on the list when outside work starts. We’ll also have the projects all planned out, materials ordered or delivered, and permits in. All the pieces in place to get started sooner.

In the meantime, you can meet with Classic Construction experts to do the following:

  • Request a Free, Upfront and Detailed Price Estimate
  • Develop the Layout of Your Room Addition Plans
  • Select Your Preferred Colors, Materials, and Extras
  • Get a CAD Designed 3D Blueprint of the Finished Work
  • Sign Paperwork & Schedule a Start Date for Next Year

You will probably be distracted by holiday preparations very soon. After all, there is lots of cooking, party planning, and get-togethers to attend. Rather than trying to eke out time to arrange your renovation later, why not do it now?

If you are thinking about a home renovation starting next year, give Classic Construction a call or fill out our online contact form. One of our representatives can help you arrange a free, at home consultation with estimate for home or kitchen remodeling in Richmond, VA.

Enjoy Functional Beauty with Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

richmond kitchen remodels

The kitchen and bath are two of the most-used rooms in your home—and in many homes they are the most in need of an update. While renovating a living room may require nothing more than a coat of paint, Richmond kitchen and bath remodeling usually requires help from professionals. It’s no surprise that kitchen and bath remodels are more expensive than updating other rooms, but they also add the most value to your home when done right.

Kitchen Remodels Breathe New Life into the Heart of the Home

Your kitchen isn’t just a place to throw dinner together or make your morning coffee; it’s where memories are made. Friends sharing a glass of wine, kids making holiday cookies, and romantic dinners being prepared are just of the activities that make your kitchen special. One of the most popular kitchen upgrades is to open up the space to the rest of the home. This not only expands your gathering space, but it prevents the need to be cut off from the fun while you’re preparing the meal.

New kitchen cabinets, sumptuous countertops, and stylish flooring are other ways to spruce up your space with Richmond kitchen remodeling. Whether you want a quick, cost-effective upgrade or a full, floor-to-ceiling renovation, professional designers can help you create a layout that makes the most of every inch and gives you a kitchen you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

Enhanced Functionality with Bathroom Remodeling

An updated look. Better functionality. Accessible solutions. Those are a few of the reasons to consider Richmond bathroom remodeling.
Some homeowners put off a much-needed bath renovation because they think it will cost too much or take too long. Many are surprised to learn that some bathroom updates can be completed in as little as one day—and for much less than they might think!

You can change the look of the space with new countertops or flooring, or add accessibility with a walk-in tub or shower. If you’re unhappy with the current layout, a designer can help you reconfigure the entire space to better meet your needs.

Remodeling Kitchens and Baths for Richmond-area Homeowners

Since 2001, Classic Construction has provided exceptional workmanship, top-rated products, and superior customer service. We provide Richmond kitchen and bath remodels “The Classic Way.” Our attention to detail and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction ensures
you’ll love the final result.

Our team of designers and installers can help you reimagine a so-so space and turn it into something spectacular! Contact Classic Construction to learn more about our Richmond kitchen and bath remodeling services, or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free, no-obligation design consultation.

An Extensive Home Addition Remodel Worth Bragging About

We don’t like to brag, but we are proud of our quality service and our customers’
end results! When our Richmond remodeling company was called upon to transform a small Cape Cod into a roomy 5 bedroom, 3 ½ bath home, we knew were up to the task. Since 2001, Classic Construction has been one of the area’s most trusted choices for additions and other types of home renovations. Our talented designers and experienced workman brought their skills to the table for this top-to-bottom remodel, and the results are impressive—if can say so ourselves!

Richmond Additions and Home Remodeling

The homeowner wanted an extensive remodel both inside and out. The house was older, so they wanted to revamp the interior into a modern space with a grand open-concept great room, dining room, and an eat-in kitchen with granite features. Outside, they wanted a deck where they could grill and spend time with family and friends.

The Richmond home addition took the house from a Cape Cod to a full two-story featuring two master bedroom suites (one upstairs and one downstairs) and three additional bedrooms. With any addition, one of the tricks is for the finished project to not look like an addition. Instead, the old and new should blend seamlessly. When you browse these photos, you’ll see that our Richmond remodelers did a great job on that score. No traces of the old house can be seen. Instead, it looks like gorgeous new construction.

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

This beautiful “new” home features a complete kitchen remodel, bath remodels and the addition of several new bathrooms. Our Richmond remodeling company can tackle additions of any size as well as provide top-quality kitchen and bath remodels and other renovations. When you need more space or want an updated home, you have two choices: Move or call Classic Construction for flawless home additions and renovations!

Expert Richmond Remodeling Company

We’re proud of the work our team did on this Richmond remodel, and we know that it is our commitment to superior workmanship and 100% customer satisfaction that made it happen. We don’t settle for “good enough.” When a homeowner trusts Classic Construction with their Richmond home addition,
we want to exceed their expectations! It’s part of philosophy of doing business
The Classic Way!

We provide everything you’ll need for your renovation from the free estimate to the final cleanup. Contact us to learn more about our top-tier Richmond remodeling services. Give Classic Construction a call today, or fill out our online contact form to receive a free, no-obligation estimate.

Reimagine the Heart of Your Home With a Kitchen Remodel

richmond kitchen remodeling

When you picture family gatherings, holidays, and spending time with those who mean the most to you, chances are that the kitchen is the part of your home that’s at the center of
these events. So shouldn’t it be a space that you love spending time in? With quality Richmond kitchen remodeling from Classic Construction, it’s now easier than ever to bring your vision to life.

Extensive Kitchen Remodeling Options

Having a kitchen that you love involves more than just the basics. Not only do you need to have a layout that works for your family, but the visual impact of the room should also blend
seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic.

Whether your kitchen is suffering from a case of the “80’s” or you’re feeling claustrophobic cooking in a tiny, inefficient space, our expert Richmond kitchen remodelers can work with you to design the living space of your dreams with the following products:

  • Stylish wood and laminate kitchen
  • Beautiful kitchen flooring guaranteed
    to last
  • Customized kitchen countertops for maximum style

New Floorplans for a New Kitchen Layout

We can even completely gut your kitchen to re-do the entire layout of the room! From creating a more efficient floorplan to opening up a small kitchen so it flows with your family room or dining space, there are countless ways to take your kitchen to next style of value and

Re-imagine your kitchen or have our expert designers transform your inspiration pieces into the kitchen of your dreams. When it comes down to it, our Richmond kitchen remodeling company is the most trusted name in the region for making your vision for an ideal kitchen a

At Classic Construction, we understand that kitchen remodeling is a major investment in your home, and we want to help you choose the products that maximize your property value without breaking the bank.

To learn more about our innovative Richmond kitchen remodeling services, we invite you to contact us today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to tell us more about what you want in your new kitchen, and we’ll get you set up with a free, in-home estimate!

New Year New Kitchen – Remodeling Richmond in 2017

richmond kitchen remodeling project

As one of the most popular rooms in any home, the kitchen is the place where people laugh, cook, and make memories. Start your New Year off right by planning an update for the heart of your home. Whether you are interested in new cabinets or an entire new design, kitchen remodeling should be efficient, simple and fun. Assisting with Richmond kitchen remodeling projects of every scope and size, Classic Construction helps with creating and bringing your ideas to life.

Partial renovations and complete kitchen remodels are easier with Classic Construction.
With custom kitchen renovation designs, we can assist with both cosmetic and layout designs that completely reconfigure the space. We excel at creating larger kitchens, including wall tear downs to create a beautifully open concept.

Working with top designers, your space can be reimagined with better style and function, while knowing that the planning and implementation will be carried out by premier Richmond kitchen remodelers. Offering countertop replacements, flooring, backsplash, and everything in between, Classic Construction serves as qualified and highly trained kitchen remodeling contractors.

Start the New Year off with a kitchen remodel that you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come. As the central gathering place in your home, the kitchen is meant to be enjoyed and used often. With a functional, beautiful kitchen, you can spend more time with loved ones and truly love being home.

When you begin your search for a Richmond kitchen remodeling company that is not only efficient but professional, start your search at Classic Construction. Contact us today by submitting a free online quote or calling to speak with one of our design experts.

4 New Trends in Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. Your kitchen is where you cook, eat, and entertain. In many families, this is also the place where you gather for things like homework, chore planning, and just spending time together. So when it comes for your Richmond kitchen remodel, each decision that you make has equal importance, from the color of the cabinets to the type of countertop you use. Thankfully, you now have more choices in counters than ever before, so it’s easy to find the right countertop to suit your family’s needs and your personal design and style.

Natural Stone Trends


For a long time granite reigned supreme in the kitchen, then began to cool off a little as other, newer materials began to come out. With newer trends appearing in natural materials and finishes for the kitchen, however, natural stone has begun to make a comeback.
The difference is that while granite can still be found in new kitchens, the emphasis is on softer finishes, such as honed stone, rather than a hard polish. And for those that want something a little more out of the ordinary, but with the strength and easy maintenance of harder stones, consider quartzite. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone made primarily of quartz, and it’s nearly indestructible – even in lighter colors like white. Quartzite can have veins like marble, or it can be more mottled like granite. It has a sugary look to it that is very appealing, especially when the edge is left raw – another trend in natural stone counters just now.

Ceramic Counters

For those that want a low maintenance, durable, and man-made counter move away from the quartz counters that were vying with granite for popularity a few years ago, and look to new ceramic counters instead. These smooth, matte counters are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant so you don’t need to worry about their use even in the busiest of kitchens. With their monotone colors, they also work particularly well in modern and transitional designs where a lot of color or movement on the countertop would be unwelcome.


copper countertops

Say goodbye to stainless steel as the answer to the need for a metal countertop and consider copper instead. Copper is hitting kitchen trends in a big way right now with copper bespoke appliances, cabinet hardware, and even countertops. This warm, rich metal will patina and age differently depending on how you use it, giving your kitchen an authentic look over time. Treated well, a copper countertop can even outlast your home. It also matches well with the other trends in kitchens now, such as natural materials and finishes, as well as warm colors.


Believe it or not, tile countertops are back and in a big way. Move over granite tiles that are meant to look like a slab, today’s tile countertops are a riot of color and interest. In addition to natural tones and colors in kitchens, one of the biggest trends just now is color – particularly the color blue. One way to bring some color to your kitchen, while still preserving the natural and authentic look that is so key right now is to use some tiles on your counter. Consider handmade ceramic tiles that have varying glaze tones and textures, as well as larger matte porcelain tiles. Treated well, a tile countertop is nearly indestructible, and with new pre-sealed grouts, you don’t have to worry about things like staining either.

Consider Your Counter

With all the new choices on the market today, you’ll have an easier time than ever deciding on your new counter. Trends are moving toward lower maintenance, durable, and less ostentatious counters than those that have been used for the last several years, giving you some new things to consider. So take a look at the style of your kitchen, and how you intend to your use your counter to get the perfect, on trend countertop for your home.

For any other tips on how to make your home remodeling a breeze, Classic Construction is available for all your Richmond remodeling services. To learn more, give us a call at 804-776-5070 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

Hot, New Trends in Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are integral to every Richmond kitchen remodel. They’re what you use to cook your food, keep it cold, and clean up after you’re done. These aren’t the only things that kitchen appliances can do, however; from spicing up your style to offering you newer amenities, today’s kitchen appliances do it all and more.


Seven New Trends in Kitchen Appliances

While natural materials and finishes are making waves in other parts of the kitchen, these seven trends are heating up the appliances. Take a look to find out what’s in store.

Copper Finishes

Finishes throughout kitchens are turning warmer and moving away from ubiquitous stainless steel. Say hello to copper stove fronts, hoods, and appliance pulls instead. The key here, though, is that while you can find copper showing up on appliances all over the place, it’s the bespoke items – the ones that you have made just for you – that are really gaining traction. Invest in a new copper hood above your stove and watch its living finish age with time to always stay on trend.

Bold Colors

In addition to copper, bold and unusual colors are sweeping across kitchen appliances everywhere. Unlike Harvest Gold or Avocado Green, however, these colors are not likely to date your kitchen any time soon. Colors like cool turquoise blue and bold red have been found on Aga’s for years. Now, they’re turning up on nearly every brand and coordinating with the hot new colors and finishes found in the rest of the kitchen.

Hi Def Refrigeration

A TV in the kitchen isn’t exactly new, but a refrigerator that offers you high definition viewing built right into its front is. One of the hottest trends in kitchen appliances today are those that pull double duty, like the HDTV Refrigerator by LG. It offers a 15-inch screen complete with remote access, and the ability to hook up cable or a DVD player so you don’t have to miss a thing while you’re making dinner.

Retractable Stove Tops

Anyone that spends time in the kitchen knows that there’s nothing like cooking with gas. The fast and even heating of a gas cooktop just can’t be found on electric models. Unfortunately, for the last several years home chefs have had to choose between the function of a gas stove, and the easy cleaning and sleek style of glass-topped electric stoves.
Now you can have both, with new gas stove tops that have retractable burners. The latest models by Fisher & Paykel are in stores now. They have a flat, black surface that extends to offer you a natural gas burner which retracts when you’re through. Now your cooking and your cleanup can be a breeze.

Counter Refrigeration

Stop trekking down to the wine cellar every time you want a bottle, and invest in some counter refrigeration instead. Wine fridges have been around for a while, but newer models are quickly gaining steam by allowing you to install them beneath or on top of your kitchen counters. They can maintain the temperature to an extremely precise degree offering superior wine storage capabilities as well. Now you can keep your wine at the perfect temperature right inside your kitchen, no wine cellar necessary. And if wine isn’t your thing, you can use a counter refrigerator for a host of other beverages and foods that may need climate controlled refrigeration as well.

Invisible Appliances

While contemporary kitchens are showing off their appliances in hot new colors with cool new gadgets, formal and traditional kitchens are taking a different route. In these kitchens the invisible appliance is the one making the most headway. Appliance panels that match the rest of the kitchen cabinets and details are installed on top of the appliance doors. The result is that the appliance fades away into the background of the kitchen, letting other details take center stage.

Better Food Storage

With the emphasis that more people are placing on healthy, fresh foods in the home, appliance manufacturers are beginning to take notice. New refrigerators like the GE Profile are available that have dual cooling systems to help your food stay fresher for longer, so you can invest more in healthy produce.

Catch the Latest Trends

Make sure that your kitchen is up to the minute on style and function by paying attention to the hottest new kitchen appliance trends. Many of these can fit beautifully into several kitchens, so why not yours?

For any other tips on how to make your home remodeling a breeze, Classic Construction is available for all your Richmond remodeling services. To learn more, give us a call at 804-776-5070 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

3 Keys To Creating The Kitchen Of Your Dreams

Everyone wants a nice space for entertaining guests, preparing meals, and of course, making family memories. Nobody really wants gross appliances, old cabinets and boxed in spaces for kitchens. Kitchens create great space and value in your home and will provide a nice pay back on your investment.


3 Key Components for Richmond Kitchen Renovations.

1.  Cabinets – Cabinets that have been exposed to water leakage or are just plain tired and worn out looking then it is now time to replace them. If your kitchen has a dysfunctional design, boxed into a corner or is missing an appliance then you are likely to want to redesign the kitchen and have a fresh start.

The great thing about starting over is having a clean slate. You can move the electrical and plumbing to accommodate your ideal layout efficiently. Have your Richmond kitchen remodeler take measurements of your kitchen space and do a professional layout that will have your appliances properly placed and maximize your storage to utilize the right-sized cabinets. There are plenty of options available for your kitchen cabinets. They have a wide variety of depths, sizes, pantry style, and others. If your house has high ceilings, you can take advantage of wall cabinets in 36″ or 42″. Don’t forget about the toe kick and crown moldings to let your cabinets shine!
Once you have established a design layout, you can choose your door and hardware design. They are available in a wide variety of colors and finishing. Also, make sure to include slow-closing doors and drawers and get some very nice and efficient inserts.


2.  Counter-tops:  The available options for countertops are always changing. You can customize what best suits your personal needs.

Countertop to consider:
Granite – The granite types are the most popular and continue to be the best-selling countertops. It has a super hard quality, incredible natural color and a solid surface that is perfect for your kitchen. It can be designed with a variety of edges including bevels, bull nose, ogee and double ogee. The lighter colored countertops can be stained which makes them not completely maintenance free. Beware of this fact but granite is a long-time favorite of many people!

Quartz – If you want a very durable with a solid surface countertop, quartz material may be something you’re looking for. They are typically made up of 95% quartz and 5% polymer. That precise combination is a great combined option for consumers. They comes in a wide-variety of patterns and colors, and has been gaining popularity for the past few years.
Beyond Granite and Quartz you can also easily explore other surfaces such as concrete counter tops and add a nice farm style sink if that is your preference.


3. Appliances – You don’t have to spend a million bucks to have an amazing looking kitchen. Add in stainless steel appliances to achieve the desired look. They don’t cost much more than the normal black or white appliances.

You can also upgrade your stainless appliances to the latest gourmet style appliances and make your kitchen a complete show-case that you will make you feel like a food-network star!

gourmet kitchen
There you have it!  3 key components to your gorgeous new kitchen.  For any other tips on how to make your home remodeling a breeze, Classic Construction is available for all your Richmond remodeling services. To learn more, give us a call at 804-776-5070 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.