Month: September 2014

How To Create The Addition Of Your Dreams

Have you seen the hit TV show on HGTV “Love it or List it?”

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It is the show where a homeowner does extensive renovations and then must make the tough choice to stay or move. In most cases the owners “Love it” and want to stay! The reason is simple, it is expensive and so much work to move to a new house.

That is the beauty of a Richmond home addition.

Are you tired of not having space for your expanding family?
Tired of not being able to tie your indoor and outdoor space together?
Tired of not having your man cave?

These problems are easier to solve then most homeowners realize. The key is to design and maximize additional space that meets the needs of your family.

Sometimes you will want to add space on the back of your home.
Sometimes you will want to add space on the side of your home.
Sometimes you will want to add a second floor.
Sometimes you may want to to convert your attic into a master bedroom suite.

That is the whole key! It starts with your needs for a new master bedroom with a giant walk in closet and spa-like mater bath. Or maybe your need for a nice man cave in your basement where you and your buddies can watch football and play pool. Or maybe you change your deck into a sun room!

An addition is like a white paper and you are free to create the space of your dreams. There are a lot of considerations once you know what you want including permits, materials and final design selections.

The key to making that piece easier is your contractor!

Your contractor must be able to understand your vision, your goals and your needs and then transform your input into the addition of your dreams. Your contractor can guide you to materials that look awesome, but also save you money. Your contractor can guide you to the best “green” materials that help you save the environment while also saving you costs on your energy bill.

Your contractor also needs to clearly communicate with you on design and material selections along with the overall timeline and permit requirements.

If your family is expanding and you need more space, just add it with the perfect addition.

Check out this before and after on this home we recently transformed.  What details do you notice in the renovation addition?  Leave us your comments below on what you see & what you like about it.

before addition


Screen shot 2014-09-20 at 7.43.40 PM


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