Signs It’s Time To Remodel Your Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home. It’s not only an area where you store food and prepare meals, it’s also a gathering place. Depending on the kitchen layout and the size of your family, you’ll spend time with family enjoying a meal, with children mixing up a batch of cookies or with a partner preparing a meal. Why not make this area all it can be with a remodel?

Even a kitchen that has all the essential items to function can benefit from a remodel. Kitchens should feel inviting and offer all the space you need. A remodel adds this and more and adds real estate value. Our home remodeling team has the experience and top-quality products you deserve to transform your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for custom wood cabinets, high-quality granite, or a custom design, we are your kitchen remodeling experts. Here are some of the signs that it’s time to get inspired to recreate your kitchen.

A Kitchen Remodel Offers Beauty and Added Space

It takes more than the aesthetic appeal of a kitchen to improve overall functionality, an ample amount of space is essential for the ease of all functions. For example, a lack of usable counter space can lead to difficulty getting organized while cooking or cleaning. When cabinet space is lacking, it can be cumbersome to accomplish even simple kitchen tasks such as putting away clean dishes.

Custom-built cabinets, an island piece with beautiful high-end granite, or an expansion can provide much-needed counter and storage space. After a remodel you’ll notice a tremendous improvement in the visual appeal, overall function, and comfort of your kitchen.

When a Kitchen Feels Closed-off, It’s Time To Remodel

Sometimes a kitchen will just lack flow and can seem stagnant. Some older kitchens sometimes have large corner cabinets that end up being unused space or overhead cabinets that cramp counter space. If your cabinetry is inefficient and you’re lacking storage and functionality, a custom cabinet design will open up those “dead zones” and bring life to your kitchen.

Perhaps the layout of the room leads to a “closed off” feeling. Many homeowners seek a kitchen renovation to open it up to the rest of the living space. During family time or entertainment, your open kitchen helps to create a more social aspect.

Do The Appliances Look Outdated?

Let’s face it, some outdated kitchen appliances can be an eyesore. They also can cost more to use if they aren’t energy efficient, and can stop operating optimally since they do have a limited life expectancy. If your appliances are affecting the overall appeal of your kitchen and costing you more energy, consider updating.

Out with the old, in with the new! Adding new appliances during a remodel will help to maintain a consistent look and substantially increase home value.

The Leading Remodel Team in Richmond Is Here to Help

As Richmond, Virginia’s leading contractor in kitchen remodeling, Classic Construction is here to help you determine if it’s time to remodel your kitchen. We can provide you with design options that fit within your budget and give you a kitchen that meets your needs and fits your style.

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Author: Classic Construction

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