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Month: August 2014

6 Custom Deck Features That Won’t Break Your Bank

It easier then ever to extend your indoor living space right into your yard and blend it altogether with the right design including all your components flowing together. This can include your outdoor kitchen, pool, deck, sun room and screened porch space. When all the elements are properly planned you will have an outdoor oasis that will be perfect for entertaining and for creating great family memories.

The good news is that the entire development plan does not always have to be done at the same time so you can start with a screened porch or sun room, then add the custom deck, then add a hardscape patio, then add the outdoor kitchen and finally add a great swimming pool. Of course, if you can plan it and have the budget the entire development can be done all in the same construction project.

Let’s start where most home owners start the process; right with your new Richmond custom deck. Be sure you plan it large enough for future use and incorporate all the features that you need.


Here are some considerations when developing your plan:

Custom Deck features:

  1. Maintenance Free Materials – Invest in composite materials to make your deck maintenance free. Composite deck materials often come with a 25 year warranty, won’t rot, warp or fade.   Always use a great rail system like Railing Dynamics Inc., RDI, and enjoy their lighting features that your guests will absolutely love! You can also build in walkway lighting that leads to your deck at dusk or in the later hours of the evening.
  2. Seating – Build in custom seating areas to create the right flow of your space and give everyone a nice place to sit without needing to get out a bunch of chairs.
  3. Natural features – Bring the natural landscape onto your deck with a tree, pergola or arbor. Each of these will allow you to build in shaded areas with gorgeous landscape naturally built into your design.
  4. Fire pit – There are a number of creative ways to build a fire pit into your deck design. Just like a fireplace inside, your fire pit can become the focal point for your deck and your guests will love the benefit of toasting marshmallows and creating memories on your deck.
  5. Character – Consider adding some radius and curve features in your deck and accent them with decking and rail patterns that will give your deck great character.
  6. Water features – Everyone loves the sound and reflection of water so build in a custom water feature so all your guests can also enjoy it. Choices include everything from your cool hot tub, traditional water falls and features that incorporate the steps of your deck.

The most important part of any custom deck is YOU. This is your outdoor space so consider it carefully. Most features cost less then people expect and it costs nothing to find out what it costs. 

For any other tips on how to make your home remodeling a breeze, Classic Construction is available for all your Richmond remodeling services. To learn more, give us a call at 804-776-5070 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.

3 Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Are you ready to create your private own spa-like oasis in your bath room. Many homeowners dream of doing it but do not realize there are a few key elements that can help the create the space you are looking for and stay on-budget to maximize the return on their investment.

custom shower

Tip 1: Vanity space for your bath remodel
A really nice vanity will provide you with his and hers sinks and a ton of storage for everything including your hair dryer, brushes, cosmetics, shampoos, etc. With a nice vanity that includes multiple drawers and cabinets you can easily organize all of your personal items very easily.   You can create a nice vanity show piece easily with a solid surface top. A nice granite countertop is not expensive and will help your bathroom vanity space really stand out. Sinks and faucets come in a large variety of options to help you achieve the design you are looking for. Above your vanity be sure to install a nice mirror. The vanity space should provide plenty of room for multiple people to get ready for the day at the same time and the vanity space can easily become a nice show piece focal point for the entire bathroom.


Tip 2: Bath and shower design

This is where the real magic happens! If you have space it is really nice to install a spa-style jetted tub and include a separate water heater so it instantly receives and controls your hot water preferences! For your shower you can enjoy the benefits of two shower heads that come in a large variety of options including lighting, custom sprays and more. The bath and shower areas can be nicely trimmed out, without breaking your budget, by using ceramic tile. Design your ceramic tile with nice inserts and built-ins for your soap, shampoo and maybe a nice seat to sit on while showering. Finally be sure to consider your shower surround as there a lot of nice options for frameless systems with crystal clear glass that provide a nice, open feel for your entire bathroom.


3. Tip 3 – Lighting, flooring and accessories for your Richmond bath remodel

Now that your vanity space and tub/shower space is designed be sure to carefully consider your flooring, lighting and accessories to nicely finish out your new bathroom.   Light up your entire space with nice vanity wall lighting along with some specialized lighting in your custom shower and spa-tub spaces. Be sure you have plenty of outlets, add a TV connection and maybe a charging space for your mobile devices. Choose a nice flooring that complements your design colors and elements and consider adding radiant heating to your ceramic floor so that it is warm and cozy in the winter months. Your accessory choices will help you maximize space storage and tie into the overall design features of your bath. When choosing your towel holders you should consider choosing one with a towel warmer feature. Wouldn’t you love to step out of your shower and grab a nice, warm towel?


All of your secret dreams can come true in your bathroom. You can create a spa-like experience and the good news is there are a lot of ways to do it within your desired budget. The key is discuss your ideas with a trained professional who knows how to maximize your plans for your budget.

 There is a lot involved with renovating a bathroom. There are plumbing and electrical considerations, fixtures and more. A complete bath remodel is a tough DIY project so if you want some help on creating the bath of your dreams contact Classic Construction for all your Richmond remodeling services. To
learn more, give us a call at 804-776-5070 or fill out our online form for a
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