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Thinking of Installing a Custom Pool House in Richmond, VA? Here’s Why You Should Take the Leap!

pool house conservatory built by classic construction

Thinking of installing a pool house? Richmond, VA, homeowners have been joining the trend of installing conservatory-style enclosures that create the perfect marriage between indoor and outdoor living. When it comes to increasing both the value and enjoyment-factor of your house in Richmond, a pool house conservatory is an optimal choice.

Experienced installers, such as the team at Classic Construction, can install a custom Richmond pool house sunroom that will do the following:

  • Extend the swimming season indefinitely
  • Allow you to swim in inclement weather
  • Function as a perfect haven for plants
  • Give you the perfect place for a sun-lit reading session
  • Provide an excellent place for entertaining
  • Feature UV-protective glass that will shield you from the sun’s harmful
    rays, while letting in natural light
  • Include energy-efficient design options that help you to lower energy
  • And more!

Trust Our Experienced Crew in Richmond — A Pool House Sunroom Is a Call Away!

When it comes to installing a pool house in Richmond, VA, it’s important to hire experienced contractors. Our team has perfect the art of the Richmond pool house conservatory over the last few decades and has the custom services and streamlined techniques that guarantee long-term enjoyment of your new installation. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • Top-of-the-line products
  • A myriad of design and materials options
  • Experienced installers who have completed countless sunrooms and conservatories in the area
  • Custom installations that can be quickly installed
  • A design team that will help you configure the perfect build to highlight your home’s existing aesthetic.

If you’d like to learn more about how our Richmond pool house sunroom team can help design a luxury getaway in your backyard, call the team at Classic Construction! Our customer-focused team is ready and waiting to help you achieve the perfect build that meets your needs and budget. Call now to schedule your free, in-home estimate!

Enjoy More of Your Space with Sunroom Patio Enclosures

richmond patio enclosures

Is your porch or patio going unused for most of the year? Even during spring and summer, when being outdoors is much more common, the heat or storms can still keep you inside.

Instead of letting your outdoor space go to waste most of the year, why not upgrade it from a seasonal space to an integral part of your indoor/outdoor living and home? Classic Construction offers Richmond sunroom patio enclosures that are custom designed to suit your aesthetic and functional needs. Add the patio enclosures you need to transform your seasonal area into an ideal space you can enjoy year-round!

Adding a sunroom patio enclosure couldn’t be simpler. When you call Classic Construction,
we’ll send a few of our trained specialists out to your home to assess your space and provide you with a design consultation. Based on the footprint and roofline of your porch or patio, our specialists will draft a 3D blueprint according to your vision for the design.

Once the plan for your Richmond home’s enclosed patio is made, we’ll quickly and efficiently have the materials for the build made and installed, so that you can start enjoying your new all-season space in a matter of days.

Once you’ve made the choice to transform your space with one of our Richmond patio enclosures, sit back and relax as you enjoy all the benefits of your patio, without being hindered by storms, insects, heat, or cold.

You’ll discover that a sunroom patio enclosure makes a fantastic extra room in your home that can be used for countless purposes, from a quiet study to a sunny playroom or an inspiring art studio! The possibilities are endless.

So what are you waiting for? You deserve to enjoy your porch or patio more often. Contact the experts at Classic Construction and get started today! 

Sunroom vs. Conservatory – Which is Best for Your Richmond Home?

richmond sunroom or conservatory

When it comes to bringing the outdoors inside, there are a plethora of style options and unique benefits to choose from. Is your Richmond home more suited for a sunroom? Or do conservatories fit your style better? What’s the difference?

Sunrooms – Bringing You Closer to Nature

Often referred to as four season rooms or Florida rooms, sunrooms
in Richmond
are fairly common additions to open up the home. Sunrooms typically consist of an opaque roof and several windows stretching from wall to wall. Common elements that define a sunroom include:

Traditional roofing – Sunrooms are typically built with the same roofing materials as the rest of your home, and are therefore a great option to expand your home while blending
the new addition seamlessly with the original home structure.

Wall-to-Wall Windows – A traditional characteristic of a sunroom is the use of numerous windows to optimize natural light and make the room feel as though it is a part of the
nature outside.

Benefits of Owning a Sunroom

Temperature Control – The added insulation that comes from the traditional building materials used in sunroom designs allows sunrooms to be the perfect choice for anyone wanting to optimize natural lighting while minimizing added utility costs.

Practical Space – For growing families, sunrooms are the perfect solution for an all-purpose home extension that can provide useful space for parents and children alike,

Conservatories – Bring the Outdoors Inside

Conservatories, often referred to as greenhouses or solariums depending
on where they are build and how they are used, have been popular in European architecture since the 16 century. Fast-forward to the here and now – Richmond
are becoming more popular options rivaling sunrooms with the added sunlight, options and luxury.

Because of their ample use of natural light and the protection they provide from harsh winds and temperatures, they are perfect for garden enthusiasts. Common elements that define a conservatory include:

Translucent Roofing – Conservatories are typically built with glass or polycarbonate panels that are either clear or frosted in appearance. This allows these rooms to make optimal use of natural light while protecting inhabitants from the harsher elements outside.

Floor to Ceiling Windows – Conservatories only use transparent paneling, so that your indoor room truly feels as though it is outside.

Benefits of Owning a Conservatory

Temperature Amplification – Particularly for homeowners who live in cooler climates or
harsher weather environments, a conservatory will optimize the natural heat given off by the sun, so that your home can stay warm, for less. 

Practical Light – For homeowners looking for home extension options that won’t block natural light from interior rooms, a conservatory is the perfect solution. Modern roofing materials, however, provide more options for reducing glare and heat transfer for a more comfortable space all year.

Whether you decide a sunroom or a conservatory is the right fit for you, relax year-round in the beautiful nature surrounding your home without having to brave the elements.

As your personal sunroom and conservatory construction company, Classic Construction has a variety of roof designs and materials to match your home’s aesthetic and your personal needs. Contact us today to learn how we can help you design your dream home addition.

Start Your Summers in Richmond in Your New Sunroom

richmond sunroom in summer

Spring has finally sprung! While this hasn’t been the worst winter we’ve seen, there was certainly enough snow shoveling that local residents began to long for the sunshine. Now that summer is almost here, why not celebrate the season with a beautiful new sunroom from Classic

Enjoy the Outdoors from Inside Your Sunroom

It’s difficult to remember this during the winter, but even Virginia summers have ways of making it unpleasant to spend time outside on occasion. From muggy nights to buggy afternoons, your Richmond sunroom will keep you comfortable all summer long. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy views of the outdoors—no matter what the weather is like.

Consider the many benefits of a sunroom:

  • Extra Living Space: Your sunroom adds usable square footage to your home. However you plan to use the space, it will give your family more room to spread out!
  • Simple Construction Process: Can’t stand the thought of a long, drawn out construction process? Don’t worry! We can complete your Richmond sunroom in plenty of time for summer.
  • Bring the Outdoors In: When it’s unbearably hot, you can still do a little bird watching, keep an eye on the kids as they play in the sprinkler, or just enjoy the sunshine on your face—all without breaking a sweat!
  • Pets Love Them: Our gorgeous Richmond,
    VA sunrooms won’t just be your favorite room in the house. Pet owners find that their pets love the chance to lounge in the sun, even when they aren’t being allowed outside!
  • Lots of Styles: We have so many options that it’s easy to find something to match your home’s style. We can make it look like your sunroom addition has always been part of your home.

Types of Sunrooms Richmond Homeowners Can Enjoy

Whether you’re limited on space or have room for a huge sunroom in Richmond VA, our premier sunroom builders can create something that you’ll love for years to come! We offer:

  1. Patio
    This fast, easy way to add a sunroom is perfect for those who
    have a little-used patio or porch.
  2. Cathedral
    Extend your views and bring in even more light with the higher
    ceilings of a cathedral sunroom.
  3. Integrated
    This is the best choice for those who want their Richmond sunroom
    to blend seamlessly with their home.
  4. Studio
    The simple design, including slanted roof design, doesn’t take up
    a large footprint, but still gives you a beautiful place to relax.
  5. Custom
    We can custom build any size sunroom. Just tell us what you want,
    and we’ll help you design the perfect space.

You deserve a luxury getaway right in your own home! Whether we’re in for a mild, pleasant summer, or a blistering scorcher, make your summer better in a Richmond, Virginia sunroom from Classic Construction!

Give us a call today to discuss all of the options or fill out our online contact form to receive your free, no-obligation estimate.

Enjoy a Four-season Sunroom Addition in Richmond

richmond four-season sunroom additions

For some people, winter means spending more time indoors than you’d like. A four-season
sunroom is a great way to bring the outside in and enjoy the sunlight no matter what the weather is like outside!

Make the Most of a Sunroom in Your Richmond Home

Imagine sitting in a room surrounded by windows as you listen to the rainfall or watch the snow blanket your yard. A Richmond sunroom can add usable square footage, and it can also add beauty and charm to your home.

Four-season Room Options for Style and Function

If you’ve been thinking about adding a sunroom or other four-season room, then there are some things to keep in mind as you plan this exciting home addition.

Sunroom Styles to Complement Your Home: You may be worried that a sunroom won’t blend well with the current look of your exterior, but we have solutions to complement any
home. Four-season rooms are available in so many different styles that there really is something to suit every home. We can even build your Richmond sunroom with the same roofing and siding as your home, so it will blend in seamlessly.

Sunroom Addition Financing Options: We’re happy to discuss all of our financing options with you. You might be surprised how affordable it can be to add a beautiful, functional
sunroom to your home.

Consider an All-glass Conservatory: To maximize the natural light and the view, a conservatory is a perfect choice. Conservatories, which come in several styles, feature a glass roof along with glass walls. A conservatory is the best way to enjoy outdoor view and natural light throughout the year!

Additional Sunroom and Conservatory Options: When you build your sunroom, consider adding some of the available options to make the space even more functional for your
family. Some of the options we offer are ceiling fans, doggy doors, electrical outlets, HVAC, lighting accents, and more. Ask about all of our options when you get your free, in-home estimate!

Enhance Your Home with an All-season Sunroom

Some homeowners think you need a lot of space in the yard to add a sunroom, but this isn’t necessarily the case. We can add sunrooms in just about any size, so whether you want a small room where you can read or drink your morning coffee, or you want an impressive space where you can entertain, we can build it!

Classic Construction is the premier builder of Richmond sunrooms. Our years of experience, professional contractors, and partnerships with the very best major brands mean that we can make your dream for your sunroom addition a reality.

Plan your sunroom addition now, and enjoy your new space as the spring flower bloom! Contact us today and be begin designing your new sunroom in no time!

Sunroom, Conservatory or Screen Room Addition?

richmond sunroom or screen room

Adding a bright and sunny addition to your home is exciting, but it’s not always easy to
determine which one of our customizable options is right for you and your Richmond home. Do you picture yourself enjoying the warmth and comfort of your four season sunroom, basking in the sun in your glass conservatory, or enjoying the warm breeze in your screen room? With various options for four season rooms and screen rooms, we can help you create your ideal addition that perfectly suits your home’s needs and style.

Sunroom Addition

Your Richmond sunroom addition will instantly elevate your home and create a space for year-round family enjoyment. Crafted from the finest materials, our customized sunrooms are energy efficient and allow you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Each one
of our sunroom styles can be designed with a variety of roof, window, and door options so you
can create an addition that compliments your home’s aesthetic. Classic Construction even offers options to convert a seasonal outdoor space into an enclosed, four season sunroom.


If you’re looking to flood your new addition with natural light, a glass-roof conservatory might be your ideal choice. Made from high-quality materials, our glass roof additions use traditional European designs while being manufactured here in the United States. Our conservatories are durable and energy efficient, promising to last while saving you money on your energy bill. With 8 distinct styles to choose from, you’ll be able to choose the right conservatory to perfectly match your home.

Screen Room

Do you want to create a comfortable outdoor space that’s not closed with windows? Then adding a screen room to your
Richmond home may be perfect for your needs! We can start fresh by creating a new addition or can enclose an existing porch, patio, or deck. Each one of our screens is high-performance, ensuring that they stand up to elements and remain low-maintenance. With quick installation and minimal disruption, you can be enjoying your new screen room with less mess than other additions.

Are you ready for your outdoor escape and want to get started creating your bright, new addition? Give our Richmond sunroom, screen room and conservatory experts at Classic Construction a call or fill out our online form to request your free design consultation today!

3 Super Cute Screen Porch Ideas You Will Love

3 Super Cute Screen Porch Ideas You Will Love

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a screened porch on a hot summer’s evening. Screened porches give you the fresh air and outdoor feeling you love at this time of year, without things like bugs or bad weather to ruin it. And while screen porches used to simply be an afterthought or addition to the house without a lot of character or interest, times have changed. Today’s screen porches are a lot more personalized and designed for more comfort than ever before. So if you’re considering the addition of a screened porch to your home, be sure to check out these three super cute screen porch ideas that you’re sure to love.
Richmond Screened Porch

Complete Luxury and Year Round Comfort

The worst part of a screened porch is often having to say goodbye at the end of the summer when the weather turns cooler. But what if you had a few additions to the porch that made it more comfortable to use nearly all year long?

Enter the screen porch designed for modern luxury. Picture a fieldstone fireplace running up the center of the far wall between two sets of windows. A well designed fireplace can throw off enough heat to make your screened porch into an outdoor haven all year round.

To add to style and luxury of the room, an arched ceiling of exposed beams complements the fieldstone of the fireplace. Beams extend down from the ceiling between the windows to give you the opportunity to hang some shutters that can be pulled across the windows at night for privacy, or to help keep in a little more warmth in the cooler months.

With the rustic hunting cabin vibe of this screened porch, you can easily pair a number of different furniture styles including Adirondack, Mission, and log cabin. Best of all, the large expanse above the fireplace is the perfect setting for a flat screen TV, so you can gather around the fireplace in comfort at any time of year to relax and enjoy both your surroundings and a modern day evening.


Mediterranean Style

Who says that your screened porch needs to have a wooden frame, or that it needs to match the rest of the architecture of your home? Wrought iron makes a bold statement as the framing of a screened porch to make a decorative and innovative support for the room.

Frame out each one of the windows and walls with decorative and scrolling wrought iron. You can pair this with standard painted beadboard ceiling and either a rustic flooring such as stone or a painted hardwood for a subtle complement to the walls and railings.

Complete this type of screened porch with classic wicker furniture in muted colors to complement the colors of the ceiling and floor. To give the entire room a polished appearance, keep the rest of the metal accents in the room to the same iron finish, and consider using a Tuscan color scheme of muted olives, rich golds, and sky blues to bring it alive and pick up the colors of the outdoors.

Folding Screens

Typical screened porches can start to look pretty old pretty fast with nothing but giant walls of screen stretched between frames. Consider a new idea instead; walls made out of folding screen panels that can be opened up on nice days to have an unimpeded view of the outdoors. When night falls and the bugs come out, just fold the panels back into place again to seal up the room.

The best part is that many of these folding panels can be fit with additional shutters or panes of glass as well, giving you the option of turning your screened porch into a three or even four season room if you choose. Just select a sturdy hardwood frame for your panels to set the tone for the rest of the room’s style.

Because the frames on these windows are more decorative, you can easily incorporated them into any style of room. Lay out a decorative tile floor or match the wood on the frames for a luxurious look. Because the open windows can invoke a French Country feel, consider complementing the room with Country style furnishings for a homey and comfortable style overlaid with a Shabby Chic touch.

Consider a Screened Porch of Your Own

Screened porches come in so many different shapes and sizes that it’s impossible to consider them all. Today’s screened porches are often custom built to suit the needs of the homeowner – not something cookie cutter that can be tacked on to just anywhere.


So use these three super cute screen porch ideas as inspiration to help you achieve a new screened porch that you’ll love on your home.

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a screened porch on a hot summer’s evening. Screened porches give you the fresh air and outdoor feeling you love at this time of year, without things like bugs or bad weather to ruin it. And while screen porches used to simply be an afterthought or addition to the house without a lot of character or interest, times have changed. Today’s screen porches are a lot more personalized and designed for more comfort than ever before. So if you’re considering the addition of a screened porch to your home, be sure to check out these three super cute screen porch ideas that you’re sure to love.

Ready to learn more?  Click here to check out how we can help you.


Why You Will Love Radiant Heat in Your Sunroom Floor

Richmond sunrooms are a popular addition to many homes. Sometimes used as a three-season room, and sometimes used year round, the sunroom is designed as a place where you can relax to enjoy the light and warmth of the outdoors through walls made primarily of windows. Because sunrooms are often afterthoughts – added to the home long after it’s built, heating the room to become an all-season space can be a challenge. Instead of adding ducts to nonexistent walls or ceilings to try to add forced hot air, or lining the spaces below the windows with baseboard heaters, consider a better way to heat your sunroom – radiant heat. Radiant heat can keep you warm and toasty in your sunroom year round, and for a fraction of the cost of what it would take to heat the room using other methods.

Debartalow sr int 2

What Is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is technically defined as heat that is transferred from the heating source directly to an object. In this case, radiant heat refers to the method used to warm up the floor of the room. When you stand on the floor, the heat gets transferred directly to you – not into the air of the room. This is a more efficient method of heating, and keeps you more comfortable than other heat sources.

You can install radiant heat in your sunroom in a few different ways, such as running forced hot water through pipes beneath the floor. Because most sunrooms are built on a slab, however, the most common method involves installing electric mats beneath your flooring. These thin fiberglass mats have wires embedded in them that are laid directly on the slab or subfloor. Your finished flooring is installed directly on top of the mat, which is hooked up to a thermostat. When the mats are turned on, the radiant heat energy is transferred from the mat to the floor, and from the floor to the objects in the room such as your furniture – and you.

Why Radiant Heat Is So Beneficial in a Sunroom

Radiant heat can technically be installed in any room of your home, but it makes the most sense in a few specific areas – such as your sunroom.


Less Heat Loss

For the most part, the majority of sunrooms are made with three outside walls filled with windows, if they aren’t made entirely out of glass. In some cases, your ceiling may also be made of glass or may have windows installed as well. This makes insulating the room very difficult, particularly because windows can account for as much as 40% of the energy you use to heat a room being lost through the air.

Because radiant heat is transferred directly to objects, it doesn’t heat the air. This means that you need less insulation in your sunroom to stop heat loss. In fact the air temperature in the room can be significantly lower in a room with radiant heat and still keep you warm because your chair and body are coming into contact with the radiant heat – and getting the heat transfer – rather than the air.

Easy Install

Some people originally install sunrooms as three-season rooms or porches. The biggest reason for this, rather than originally creating them as four-season rooms, is because it can be so difficult to install decent heating in the room. Forced hot air requires ducts that often can’t be run into the thin walls or slab floor of the room. Forced hot water and oil heat require pipes to be run to the room, which means opening up other walls and floors, and electric baseboard heaters can often be expensive and inefficient.

Sunroom additions richmond, va

Radiant heating is very easy to install, even on a slab. The mats or wires can be laid anywhere, and are even easy enough for a DIY homeowner to put down themselves. The wires hook up to a thermostat on the wall so you can control the heat of the sunroom separately from the rest of the house, and you can install any flooring you want right on top from tile to hardwood, letting you customize the look and feel of the room while remaining warm and comfortable. You can also easily retrofit an existing sunroom with radiant heat, so even if you have a current three season space you want to convert, you can do so without too much time or expense.

Low Cost to Run

Many of the radiant heat mats on the market today take about as much energy to run as it costs to run a single light bulb. This means that you can heat your sunroom for significantly less money that it would cost you to try to heat it using other methods. And because you have less heat loss, and often feel warmer in a room using radiant heat, you need less energy to be comfortable in the same space. All of this translates to you being able to enjoy your sunroom year round for just pennies on the dollar.

Screen shot 2014-09-20 at 7.43.40 PM

Add Some Radiant Heat to Your Sunroom

Whether you’re building a new sunroom onto your home, or just looking for a more efficient way to heat one that’s already there, give radiant heat a try. You’ll find that for your money, there are rarely more efficient methods out there that can keep you as warm and comfortable in the space year round.

For any other tips on how to make your home remodeling a breeze, Classic Construction
is available for all your Richmond remodeling services. To learn more, give us a call at 804-776-5070 or fill out our online form for a free consultation.