Vertical Siding vs Lap Siding—a Comparison

Every home needs siding. It’s your home’s first line of defense against the wind and rain, but that doesn’t mean all siding options are created equal.

You probably think of traditional lap siding when you think of siding, but it isn’t your only choice. You can also choose vertical siding for your home.

How do you know which one to choose? Here’s what you need to know about the differences between the two.

What Is Vertical Siding?

Vertical siding is rather self-explanatory, visually speaking. Instead of boards being installed horizontally, they are installed vertically.

The most obvious difference between these two siding types is how they appear on the home. Vertical siding can provide your house with a more unexpected look. It can also make your home appear more modern and trendy. Horizontal lap siding is the general standard, giving a more traditional or timeless look.

No matter what kind of vertical siding you choose, you can pick from many different profiles, textures, and styles that include:

  • Bead board
  • Board-and-batten
  • Traditional painted wood
  • And more

How Does It Perform Differently Than Lap Siding?

It is important to consider the final look of your installation, but the most important thing to consider is its performance. It’s the same quality and durability as lap siding as long as you’re looking at products from the same manufacturer or of similar quality.

The main distinction is assembly – Vertical siding is a different product that is manufactured for optimal performance when installed properly. The wind, snow, and rain hit vertical
siding different than horizontal siding. The arrangement of vertical panels can make it more difficult for wind and rain to penetrate the cracks between the panels, depending on
where they are installed on your home.

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Author: Classic Construction

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