5 Practical Kitchen Upgrades That Add Home Value


Any home improvement project will add value to your home when done professionally and this is especially true with kitchens. Some upgrades are more essential than others in this space, so let’s examine our top choices for practical upgrades that add value to your property.

1) Countertops are an important element of your kitchen, adding functionality and visual appeal. Many homes offer a kitchen space that’s workable but could greatly benefit from more counter space. The options are more varied than you might think. Marble, granite, and quartz countertops are popular contenders for a look that’s sleek and practical while durable. They will all add value to your home but there are some cost differences. Marble is the priciest of these choices with quartz coming in second. Granite has become a very popular choice due to its wide availability of options and affordability.

2) Flooring is an upgrade worth considering and is very budget-friendly. A new floor can transform a kitchen, making it seem more open, especially if you’re replacing dark flooring with a lighter color. Older homes with worn floors are ideal contenders for new flooring. The options are more varied now than ever before. Whether you choose tile, or vinyl plank flooring which is extremely durable, you’re sure to find a style that fits your desired aesthetic and fits your budget.

3) New appliances are an essential kitchen upgrade. If you upgraded your entire kitchen but left the old appliances installed, consider updating your appliances with newer models that introduce energy efficiency and improve functionality. Refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers are available in a range of colors and functions. Choosing the right look and functions of new appliances is important for maximum value while ensuring your family needs are met.

4) Updated cabinets can optimize functionality and organization in the kitchen. New cabinets can create an entirely new space at the heart of your home, but can also bring more function and provide additional storage. You can also customize the design and create exactly what you need with finishes, hardware, and other features. With a custom-built installation, they will fit perfectly while providing the function every kitchen can benefit from.

5) A kitchen expansion is an ideal way to increase home value. With a custom builder like Classic Construction, we ensure your kitchen addition is practical and you are informed every step of the way. Adding additional square footage to an existing kitchen gives you options that might not otherwise exist, like a breakfast nook or large island for family gatherings. More room for cooking and entertaining is always a step in the right direction for added value to any home.

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Author: Classic Construction

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