How to Create a Functional Laundry Room

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Laundry is a big household chore and takes up more time and space if you have a large family! Having an addition that functions as a laundry room is popular in the U.S. If you have the area, you can turn your laundry room into a functional space that’ll bring your home together.

There are many options for laying out a laundry room or turning it into a combined space for various purposes. Here are some popular ideas that we’ve seen lately.

Add All the Fixings for a Functional Family Laundry Room

If you have the space and aren’t sure what to do with it but know you want to dedicate it to this chore, you can do a few things. Start by adding cabinets and shelving for storage and organization. You can add baskets or fabric draws and store linens, comforters, and other materials that take up too much closet space.

It’s also a great place to stash your cleaning products. Create a closet for your detergents, sprays, and appliances. Or hang up your cleaning tools on the wall! This popular method makes it easy to grab your Swiffer, vacuum cleaners, dusters, etc.

Once you’ve figured out what to use the shelving for, start by adding other functional laundry-related items. Perhaps you’d like the idea of a clothing rack with hangers where you can hang up some of your items that require air-drying. Heated clothing racks are also available to quickly dry undergarments, lace items, and other dryer-sensitive items. Don’t forget laundry baskets to hold the dirty clothes, so it’s easy to see what needs to get washed.

If you have space, add a table to your laundry room! If you don’t have a lot of space, keep a folding table available in the corner that you can pull out and use for folding clothes or ironing. Keeping all your clothing-related activities in one room can help you stay organized.

Laundry Room Combinations

If you have enough space for a washer and dryer but not quite enough to have an entirely separate room, consider making your laundry room a combination of the two. So when you’re not using it to wash and fold, you can use it for something else!

If someone in your family has a hobby, you can make it your laundry and work room. Or, someone can use the space for crocheting, woodworking, or even weightlifting! In this case, you may want cabinets for your machines to keep them hidden when you’re not using them.

Consider (depending on where your laundry room is situated) turning your laundry room into a sunroom. You can add an addition to your home with large glass windows, so if you’re a gardener or simply like the idea, why not have something nice to look at while you tackle this chore?

Bring Your Laundry Room or Nook to Life

Sometimes your little nook or laundry room needs a remodel. If it’s located in the basement or you’re in an old house, chances are there’s some chipping paint, warped wood or walls from leaks and age, or it’s unfinished. You can probably benefit from some new paint, sturdy flooring, and general repairs to damage that may have appeared over the course of time.

If your laundry room needs an upgrade, consider remodeling with Classic Construction. You can call us at 804-794-5690 or get a free quote online whether your home needs a fresh coat of paint, a remodel, or a siding replacement. Our Richmond, VA, contractors have served the area for 20 years now, and we’d love to hear your project ideas!

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