How Often Does Siding Need to Be Replaced?

Siding Replace

Your home’s siding is a vital part of the structure and is the first defense against the elements. Siding occasionally has to be refinished, retouched, or replaced. Most materials used as siding in homes deteriorate naturally and in different ways, depending on the climate and natural resources where you live.

Here’s how often you should replace or repair your siding, depending on what you have installed.

Wood Siding Panels Require Frequent Maintenance

Compared to the materials created today, wood is a lot more high-maintenance. However, most homes all over the world are made with wood materials as it’s one of the oldest building materials, and it is often cheaper and more accessible. Wood siding can last between 20 to 30 years if it is maintained properly. You should have a record of the last time the wood was replaced. It may have been mentioned by the previous homeowners and considered in the cost. Otherwise, you should do a yearly inspection, ensuring the wood isn’t affected by pests and weather damage. Cracks, breaks, and chips all compromise the efficiency of wood siding. Wood siding also requires refinishing paint every five years or so. If your wood siding loses its looks, it may be time to replace it.

Aluminum Siding May Need Replacing

Also a popular building material for its accessible price, aluminum lasts about 15 years until it needs to be replaced. According to most contractors, aluminum is both convenient and not. It is a good quality material that will protect your home from the elements, but it has a quick shelf life because it is soft enough to be punctured by rocks, twigs, and other debris. It is popular because it requires less maintenance than wood siding — you almost never have to repaint it, saving you money in the long run. Aluminum has lost popularity since advancements like vinyl siding became available to the public.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular material. It costs more than aluminum and wood options, but it requires almost no maintenance and can last several decades longer than any other building material on this list, between 60 to 100 years. It doesn’t rot like wood, and pests can’t destroy it, which is already a huge benefit for homeowners. Vinyl siding doesn’t need to be repainted and it is easy to clean with just a hose.

Fiber Cement

Another popular material, fiber cement, can easily last 100 years with minimal repainting and maintenance. It’s pricier but factors into the value of your home because of its quality and features. This material will not be easily damaged no matter what kind of weather conditions you live in. Pests have no desire to make homes in fiber cement siding, so you won’t have to worry about termites or mice, which are a costly problem for homeowners. Most importantly, it will maintain curb appeal and the color won’t fade over time.

How Do You Know if Siding Should Be Replaced?

A good way is to look at when the last time the siding was replaced and inspect your current siding for damage. You may not know what to look for, but you can have a contractor come out for an inspection. They’ll immediately let you know if it is a repair or replacement job.

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