How to Create The Ideal Mudroom

How to Create The Ideal Mudroom

Mudrooms are essential for homeowners since it is an area utilized frequently and the entrance you use most often, so there is high foot traffic. This area can be for storage, like leaving outdoor clothing such as shoes and coats before entering a home. Sometimes mudrooms include a sink to wash hands or to clean items you don’t want to bring indoors. Some include a washer and dryer for extra dirty laundry like sportswear.

A well-designed mudroom will be exceedingly useful while also adding value to your home. It will help tremendously to make your daily routine a lot smoother and more organized, especially for active families.

1) Install a bench for storage and seating

A bench seat is versatile and useful in a mudroom while providing durability and a convenient spot for additional storage. It will come in use to take off and put on outerwear and footwear. It’s not only a place to sit down, but it’s also a great addition for hidden storage.

2) A divider for multi-use areas

Mudrooms are multi-purpose, therefore a divider is a significant consideration. It can help separate the area into a space for storing items not used daily, and an area for daily items like outdoor clothing, shoes, and pet accessories such as leashes and harnesses. Hooks and hanging clips are great to add on. 

3) Easy to clean durable floors

The mudroom is typically one of the most high-traffic areas and it’s where the majority of mud, dirt, and any outdoor muck can gather, so they are built with durability in mind. With all that outdoor traffic, an easy-to-clean floor is a must. A vinyl plank is a great choice, as it is stain-resistant and easy to clean, with many design options to choose from. The addition of an indoor/outdoor rug can help make the floor feel more comfortable.

4) Individual designated sections

Having a place to put everything is great, but having designated spots for each family member is the key to organization. Everyone will be more organized if they know precisely where they put their scarf or raincoat. This simple yet perfect way to keep items accessible and easily organized will save lots of time. 

5) Counter space for grocery bags and other shopping items

Unloading groceries and other items, particularly during inclement weather, has its challenges. As you make your way in with your hands full of shopping bags, a mudroom is a good “in-between” spot to set these items down. Counters can be made of any durable, easy-to-clean material such as granite or tile.

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