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5 point siding inspection checklist. Do you need new siding?

It can be hard to know when to replace the siding on your home.  The siding is like the skin that keeps everything in tact and looking great (hopefully). Richmond siding does eventually wear out, cracks, warps, breaks and takes a beating from our weather elements including rain, wind and sun.
But how do you know if your home is in need of brand new siding?  Here are 5 points your should investigate and inspect in order to make an informed decision on your home.

1.   Rotting and/or warped siding
Start by visually inspecting your siding, look from the group all the way up to the roof!  Did you see rot and warp?  If you have older hardboard siding, you probably do, and this type of siding is prevalent in many areas.  Next do the poke test. Grab your screw driver and poke your siding to see if it is soft, just like the Dentist checking if you need a filling!

If your siding is rotting and/or warping, it may be time for replacement!

2.  Painting
If a home needs frequent painting, say once every 3 – 5 years, that is a good sign that something is wrong with the current siding.   Siding in good condition should keep its shape and keep its color for many years.

Siding that is not retaining paint may need to be replaced!

3.  Loose or cracked pieces
Visually inspect all sides on your home and look for loose and cracked pieces, pieces hanging by a nail (literally).  If you have just a few pieces hanging, then it can likely be fixed, but if you have a number of loose or cracked pieces…

It is time for replacement!

4.  Moisture
Everyone hates seeing moisture, mold & mildew and so does your siding.  Typical spots that collect moisture are your seams and the beaded areas.  If you have powered washed your home, you know what I am talking about because these areas take longer to clean. If your siding has a large amount of obvious moisture you will want to inspect closely and it may be…

Time for replacement!

5.  Color
Is your home fading?  Lost it’s original brilliant and clear color scheme?  All siding comes with a color expectancy rating so if your siding is older, it may lose its color.  If you have aluminum siding, it may become chalky and vinyl fades eventually.  If you want to return your home siding to it’s original glory…
It may be time for replacement!
How did your home do?

If you have rot, moisture, lack of color or loose pieces now may be the time to get it replaced.  It does make a huge impact on your home and overall curb appeal.

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