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Nursery Room Designs You Will Fall In Love With

While it’s tempting to think that your nursery is designed with your baby in mind, it’s more accurate to say that these rooms are designed for the parents. After all, you’re the one that will be interacting with the room all day, from rocking and changing to organizing and storing. At the same time, you’ll want to create a décor and function for the room that can grow with your child, becoming a space they can enjoy later on. To help you achieve these goals, there are numerous furniture pieces and design elements on the market now aimed at just this use. Try fitting any of these into your new nursery to make the most of the Richmond home addition.

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Comfort Design

A rocker or a glider is an absolute essential in every nursery. This doesn’t mean, however, that you need to use an old fashioned wooden rocker or even a wooden glider with some tied on cushions. Today’s gliders look and feel more like a comfortable arm chair, with the gliding
mechanism hidden below. You can rock for hours in perfect, cushioned comfort while a decorative slip cover means that you can either change out the color and pattern of the chair whenever you want, or you can simply toss it in the wash if spills or stains occur.

To get the ultimate in comfort and style, be sure to pair this glider with an overstuffed ottoman as well. Now you’ll be able to put your feet up, have an extra place to sit temporarily, or give baby one more soft and comfortable item to pull up on when the time comes.

Striped Ceiling

The ceiling is one of the most overlooked areas of the home when it comes to style and design. Many people simply leave it a flat, painted white and are done with it. This doesn’t have to be the case, however; you can use the ceiling to add a lot of color and interest to the room design. This is particularly great in small or narrow nurseries because it means that you can introduce some playful color and pattern, without overwhelming the space as a whole.

Consider either a solid color stripe that will pick up an accent color for the bedding or a throw rug, or use a mixture of different colors and sizes. Stripes of all varieties are very hot in interior design right now, and what better place to create a colorful and fun display than in the nursery?

Stripes also allow you to visually elongate or widen a room depending on which direction you run them. For additional fun, you can also angle your stripes to meet at a point just above the crib to create a sunburst effect.

Built-In Shelves

It’s amazing just how much stuff you’ll accumulate during your baby’s first years. And all of this stuff will need a place to go that’s easily accessible, and easy to organize. Keep the floor of the room clutter free and easy to maintain by installing some built-in shelves on the walls of the room. You can use these shelves to hold books, diapers, toys, or decorative
elements. Have the shelves built at a variety of heights so that your little one can reach some to access their books and toys while keeping more fragile decorative elements out of reach.

For the most versatility and sleekest design, mix your shelves in with wall cubbies or cubes. This will help break up the walls visually, while ensuring that you have storage of every size. To help make your cubbies a little more playful, line the backs with decorative contact paper that coordinates with bedding, rugs, and linens in the room.

Double Duty Furnishings

One of the toughest parts of designing a nursery is to make sure that it can accommodate your baby now, and as she grows. This is what makes furniture that can pull double duty so appealing; it can help grow with your child so your overall nursery design can get more years out of it.

To that end, look for long, double dressers that are roughly 32- to 34-inches in height, and place a foam changing pad on top, rather than investing in a separate changing table. Use one half of the drawers on the dresser to hold diapers for now; it can be used to hold extra clothes or craft supplies later.

Convertible cribs are also a nice design option to consider. Don’t be fooled by cribs that are designed to eventually convert to a double bed; they often don’t hold up that long. A crib that can become a toddler bed, and that has a solid wood head and footboard, however, can keep your nursery looking great for longer.

If you invest in an ottoman for the nursery, consider opting for one that has a top that lifts off for extra storage. Over time, you can convert it to a toy box for extra functionality.

Create a Lasting Design

The ideal nursery combines form and function to create a space that’s playful, but that can grow with your child as well. Consider investing in any of these design elements to help create the perfect nursery for your baby, and look forward to watching your baby and the nursery grow together.

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