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4 New Trends in Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your home. Your kitchen is where you cook, eat, and entertain. In many families, this is also the place where you gather for things like homework, chore planning, and just spending time together. So when it comes for your Richmond kitchen remodel, each decision that you make has equal importance, from the color of the cabinets to the type of countertop you use. Thankfully, you now have more choices in counters than ever before, so it’s easy to find the right countertop to suit your family’s needs and your personal design and style.

Natural Stone Trends


For a long time granite reigned supreme in the kitchen, then began to cool off a little as other, newer materials began to come out. With newer trends appearing in natural materials and finishes for the kitchen, however, natural stone has begun to make a comeback.
The difference is that while granite can still be found in new kitchens, the emphasis is on softer finishes, such as honed stone, rather than a hard polish. And for those that want something a little more out of the ordinary, but with the strength and easy maintenance of harder stones, consider quartzite. Quartzite is a metamorphic stone made primarily of quartz, and it’s nearly indestructible – even in lighter colors like white. Quartzite can have veins like marble, or it can be more mottled like granite. It has a sugary look to it that is very appealing, especially when the edge is left raw – another trend in natural stone counters just now.

Ceramic Counters

For those that want a low maintenance, durable, and man-made counter move away from the quartz counters that were vying with granite for popularity a few years ago, and look to new ceramic counters instead. These smooth, matte counters are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant so you don’t need to worry about their use even in the busiest of kitchens. With their monotone colors, they also work particularly well in modern and transitional designs where a lot of color or movement on the countertop would be unwelcome.


copper countertops

Say goodbye to stainless steel as the answer to the need for a metal countertop and consider copper instead. Copper is hitting kitchen trends in a big way right now with copper bespoke appliances, cabinet hardware, and even countertops. This warm, rich metal will patina and age differently depending on how you use it, giving your kitchen an authentic look over time. Treated well, a copper countertop can even outlast your home. It also matches well with the other trends in kitchens now, such as natural materials and finishes, as well as warm colors.


Believe it or not, tile countertops are back and in a big way. Move over granite tiles that are meant to look like a slab, today’s tile countertops are a riot of color and interest. In addition to natural tones and colors in kitchens, one of the biggest trends just now is color – particularly the color blue. One way to bring some color to your kitchen, while still preserving the natural and authentic look that is so key right now is to use some tiles on your counter. Consider handmade ceramic tiles that have varying glaze tones and textures, as well as larger matte porcelain tiles. Treated well, a tile countertop is nearly indestructible, and with new pre-sealed grouts, you don’t have to worry about things like staining either.

Consider Your Counter

With all the new choices on the market today, you’ll have an easier time than ever deciding on your new counter. Trends are moving toward lower maintenance, durable, and less ostentatious counters than those that have been used for the last several years, giving you some new things to consider. So take a look at the style of your kitchen, and how you intend to your use your counter to get the perfect, on trend countertop for your home.

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