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3 Interior Paint Colors That Are Now Trending

Trends in interior design change dramatically about every 10 years. During that time frame, you’ll often see subtle shifts, however, with certain colors or patterns beginning to emerge that help set the stage for what comes next. Trends of late have been moving to focus on a more natural look for the home, including the use of colors and materials that won’t date the space the way that Harvest Gold or Eisenhower Pink do. Therefore, if you’re looking to give your home an update, our Richmond home remodelers urge you to consider using one of these three paint colors for any room of your home. They’re guaranteed to give your home a fresh new look, without ensuring that it will be obsolete in just a few years.

Shades of Gray

Gray is the hottest and latest neutral color for any room of the home. While beige was once the go to color for those that didn’t want stark white, but didn’t want to commit to a true color either, many shades of gray have moved in to take its place.
Interior Paint Colors Richmond VA
The reason that gray is working well as a paint color right now is the way that it can have so many different undertones to it. For example you can find a gray with a warm, tan or brown undertone to it that will help it fit into a room with lots of natural wood and soft colors. You can also find a gray with a cool, nearly blue undertone that will make it the perfect complement to rooms with a cooler toned palette including white, blue, green, or purple.

Look for very dark, stormy grays for bedrooms and accent walls, and much lighter shades to use on living areas and entryways.


Like gray, many different shades of blue are also emerging as a hot shade to use throughout the home. Blue is a nice choice for homeowners that want to use some color, but want that color to be a “safe” choice. Blue is popping up everywhere in the home right now, from Country Blue in kitchens to very dark, midnight blue in bedrooms.

The key to using blue in the home is to make sure that what you’re using is a true blue. In other words, not a blue that is mixed with other colors like green. You want to avoid colors like turquoise, which was popular a few years back, and stick to richer and more saturated blues of all shades instead.

Nature-Inspired Greens

The third hottest trend in paint colors right now is going hand in hand with another interior design trend – the natural look. Rough stone counter edges and lots of natural wood are being found everywhere right now. And to complement them comes a palette of colors inspired by nature, including many shades of green.

The key here is to find greens that are found outdoors near your home. Think the green of pine trees, olives, and sunlit forests. Avoid greens that aren’t truly found in nature despite their names, such as seafoam green, as well as greens that are mixed with too much blue or yellow. The idea behind using green in the home today is to mix it with lots of natural wood to invoke the feeling of being outdoors, while you’re inside. Many of these greens are a little more on the subdued side, so if you’re wondering which direction to go, think darker or muted, rather than vivid and bright.

Use Color Well

The key to using many of today’s hottest colors is to think long term, and to blend colors seamlessly with the rest of your belongings. Lots of monochromatic color schemes are hot just now as well, for example using a lighter shade of blue on three walls of a room, and a rich dark blue as an accent wall. You want to create a color scheme that complements your home, rather than calling attention to itself in a way that will become dated in just a few years. Consider updating your home with a few of today’s hottest paint colors to give a big boost to your entire décor.

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